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First, be aware that your first copy cane take from 8-10 weeks to ship, depending on when you subscribe. That's because 4WD Toyota Owner is bi-monthly (every other month). So there can be a bit of a wait between issues. See below for the confirmation email sent to all PayPal subscribers that has full info.

We are also aware that the delivery of issues can be quite random. People in one town get it, but two towns over, not yet. We apologize for any frustration--we feel it too, and it's very annoying. We wrote our shipping company and asked what was up. Here is their reply:


With bulk mailing we take it on a pallet to the post office...From there everything rests in the hands of the postal system. It is entirely possible that the post office split up the pallet and it went in batches in the mail system. The post office gives a normal delivery range of 7-10 business days. However, we have had people who say that it has taken up to 4 weeks sometimes for the post office to deliver their magazine.

It really is up to the post office how fast it moves. Luckily most of the time they do perform in the 7-10 day range, occasionally it takes longer (magazine gets routed through the wrong post offices etc and makes it's arrival to final destination much longer than it should). Since there is no way to actually track bulk mail, it gets really tricky to pinpoint a reason for the delays. If you are interested in talking with someone at the post office directly for more information on their side of it, let me know and I can get you a name and phone number of one of the local people we work with. Glad to hear you are happy with the quality of the magazine :-)

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Please be patient. Obviously, we very much hope (and expect) the USPS to deliver the magazine in a reasonable timeframe. It's out there, somewhere, and on its way to your house. Thank you for understanding.

ALSO, here is a copy of the email confirmation that we send out to every PayPal subscriber, bit it pertains to all subscriptions (Amazon.com, snail mail checks, etc).

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Whether a renewal or first-time subscriber, PLEASE READ CAREFULLY!

This email is to inform you that your payment was received for 4WD Toyota Owner magazine. Depending on when your subscription arrived, your first issue can take from EIGHT TO TEN weeks to ship (4WD Toyota Owner is bi-monthly), and several weeks to arrive via mail after that. Please be patient. Thank you!

You must email us immediately if you change addresses, as the post office will NOT forward the magazine and it will automatically be sent to your old address. Thank you!

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