From 1995-2004, Toyota Motor Corporation sold
2,246,704 4x4 vehicles in the United States.

Of those, 114,636 are Land Cruisers
564,304 are 4Runners
252,355 are Tundras
53,794 are T100s
676,665 are Tacomas

And that’s just from 1995-2004! Not to mention the hundreds of thousands of older FJs, minis, 4Runners, etc! Starting in 2007, the FJ Cruiser hit the scene and has proven to be a massive hit with buyers and the aftermarket. Toyota followed this success with the new Tundra and its groundbreaking 5.7L V8 engine, and most recently, the totally redesigned 200-Series Land Cruiser!

Result: Toyota is one of the strongest and healthiest brands on the planet.

Your ads will reach a huge, worldwide customer base who has demanded an all-Toyota 4WD magazine. Literally millions of ardent Tacoma, Land Cruiser, Tundra, 4Runner, mini, T100, Sequoia, rock buggy/Formula Toyota owners and more are out there. Response to this magazine within the community has been HUGE. With 4WD Toyota Owner, every single reader is a potential customer who purchases a copy to learn about and buy Toyota products and 4x4 gear. They are extremely brand loyal and want to support companies that advertise in 4WD Toyota Owner magazine’s pages. Reach them today through 4WD Toyota Owner magazine and connect with your customers directly. Your ads are being seen by a truly receptive audience—4WD Toyota owners! Single copy sales, subscriptions, promo copies, 29,000+ copies per issue and growing monthly.

It is a groundbreaking new publication. Toyotas are one of the most popular off-road vehicles of all time. We cover every model and vintage of off-road Toyota made. From Tacomas to Land Cruisers and everything in between, if it’s a Toyota and plays in the mud, sand, dirt or rocks, we will cover it—plus rock crawlers, 2WD desert/dune PreRunners, and full-on race trucks.

 We are independent. We are not affiliated with Toyota Motor Corporation, nor any of the publishing companies, so our editorial is fresh and honest and our ad rates are certainly much more affordable.

 4WD Toyota Owner is 100% targeted marketing. Every single reader is a potential buyer of your products and services. With the other magazines, you spend big bucks to reach only the fraction of readers who are Toyota owners. Advertise with 4WD Toyota Owner and you’ll know that your advertising dollars are reaching your intended audience 100% of every nationally distributed issue.

 Vital statistics:

• 29,000 and growing steadily. Published bi-monthly.

• Worldwide subscribers: US, Canada, Europe, Japan, Australia, even Iceland!

• National distribution. At last, an all-Toyota magazine that reaches newsstands and retail stores! Also available for sale in YOUR offices or shop! Imagine being able to sell an all-Toyota magazine. Your customers WILL want to buy it!

• FULL COLOR, on glossy stock.

• Editorial staff includes renowned off-road guide, trainer and Camel Trophy veteran Bill Burke of 4-Wheeling America, Pete Parks of, Scott Brady of Expeditions West, and senior editor Ben Crockett, long-time Hi-Torque Publications editor.

 Through advertising and, of course, in-depth, informative editorial features, your company’s products will reach a vast and receptive audience.

Please email David at davidz[at] or call (213) 944-3746 and we will immediately email or snail mail the 4WD Toyota Owner media kit. Rates are extremely reasonable and reach a dedicated buying public.

Thank you from the editors of 4WD Toyota Owner magazine!


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